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Western Free Zone

Our business infrastructure services

A free zone is a delimited territory of a country where certain tax benefits are enjoyed, such as exemption from the payment of import duties on goods, as well as exemptions from certain taxes or a different regulation of these taxes.


We are the ideal Free Trade Zone for your investment in Colombia.

Integral Solutions for your Company in Free Trade Zone

Lots and Warehouses

In the western business park we have spaces available for business infrastructure for sale or lease, these spaces can be optimized to your needs and will have the benefit of the free regime of our industrial park.

Lots and Warehouses

Are you a Foreign Investor?

With great technological capacity, favorable location and great benefits, we are the Free Trade Zone that offers the best place for your company, being the ideal ally to generate a profitable business.

Are you a Foreign Investor?

Custom Construction

According to the needs of your business and your operation, in our Free Trade Zone we provide architectural and construction services, promoting best practices, focused on innovation and optimization in our industrial park.

Custom Construction

Free Trade Zone User Operator

Our experience as a western business park allows us to offer advice to the different Free Trade Zones in Colombia according to their specific needs, identifying and taking advantage of the advantages of the free trade regime.

Free Trade Zone User Operator

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We are Free Trade Zone

The numbers speak for Zona Franca de Occidente

Why trust Zona Franca Mosquera?


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Foreign Trade Operations
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How to get to
Zona Franca de Occidente
in Mosquera?

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Strategic location
Zona Franca

Port of Cartagena

1,030 Km

Port of Buenaventura

495 Km

El Dorado Airport

16 Km

Find your best route:


Strategic Location

Port of Cartagena

1,030 Km

Port of Buenaventura

495 Km

El Dorado Airport

16 Km

Find your best route:
Where we are located - Zona Franca de Occidente

The brands that accompany us as Zona Franca

Our allies


Bogotá Free Trade Zone

Years of extension of operation

Western Free Trade Zone

For 30 more years of Free Trade Zone in Mosquera

Until 2053!

Extension for Zona Franca de Occidente to operate for 30 more years.

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Since the beginning of our operations as Zona Franca de Occidente, we have ensured the effective attraction of investment through the free trade regime, high quality standards and to generate great contributions to the development of the municipality of Mosquera and Colombia.

This has been the result of the trust, contribution, responsibility and commitment that you, as users and co-owners, have always given us for the business infrastructure process. That is why, with great pride, we want to share with you that we have been confirmed the extension for Zona Franca de Occidente to operate for 30 more years. A sign that our free trade zone industrial park is generating social, economic and environmental value for the country and for Colombians and, above all, a vote of confidence for us to continue working to become the best Free Trade Zone in Colombia.



Zona Franca de Occidente, frequently asked questions


La zona franca son áreas geográficas delimitadas dentro del territorio nacional donde se llevan a cabo actividades industriales, comerciales y de servicios bajo una normatividad especial en materia tributaria, aduanera y de comercio exterior. Estas zonas gozan de algunos beneficios tributarios, ​ como la exención del pago de derechos de importación de mercancías, así como exoneraciones de algunos impuestos o una regulación diferente de estos.

How many Free Trade Zones are there in Colombia? To date, there are eleven Free Trade Z ones in operation in the following municipalities: Barranquilla (1), Bogotá (1), Cali (1), Cartagena (2), Cúcuta (1), La Tebaida (1), Palmira (1), Santa Marta (1), Sopó (1) and Rionegro (1).

Free zones are specific areas in Colombia that are clearly defined within the national territory.

Various industrial activities are carried out in these areas, such as the production of goods and services, as well as commercial activities.

These activities are carried out under a set of special regulations related to taxes, customs and foreign trade.

In addition, it enjoys some tax benefits, such as exemption from the payment of import duties on goods. Likewise, exemptions from some taxes or a different regulation of these.

Companies operating within the Free Trade Zones can import, produce and then re-export their goods without paying the same customs duties or dealing with the same customs restrictions they would face if they were based elsewhere in the country.

There are eight Permanent Free Trade Zones and fourteen Special Permanent Free Trade Zones available in Colombia.

In Colombia's free trade zones, no customs taxes, such as VAT and tariffs, are generated or required to be paid on imported goods. There is the possibility of exporting both to third countries and to the domestic market from the western business park. In addition, goods of foreign origin that enter the Free Trade Zone may remain there indefinitely. The free zone regime promoted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism seeks to create yards, offices and premises that promote economic activity and employment generation. The permanent free trade zones have become spaces of high value for commerce and industry, thanks to their concepts of security and transparency that attract highly productive industrialists.

The free trade zone is the geographic area of the national territory where highly industrial or commercial processes of goods and services are developed in accordance with special tax and customs regulations. These areas promote the creation of highly productive and competitive environments for the companies that operate in them.

The advantages of a Free Trade Zone:

- General income tax on the consumption of manufactured goods, production costs of labor and salaried employees. The exception is commercial users who are subject to shared prices. - Customs duties (VAT and ARANCEL) are not charged, and goods imported abroad are free of charge.

- Exemption of LAK raw materials, goods and finished products sold from the national customs territory to industrial users of the free trade zone. 

-VAT exemption for goods sold in foreign markets.

- Exports from the free trade zone to third countries are subject to international trade agreements.

- National origin is recognized for goods manufactured, elaborated, transformed in free trade zones or products of any elaboration process.

- Possibility of partial processing outside the free zone.

- Possibility of paying 100% for goods or services produced in the free trade zone in the country's territory with the corresponding tariff and payment of VAT for 16 costs only from third countries.

Disadvantages in a Free Trade Zone

The disadvantages of free trade zones are the complexity they can cause, identity modeling, the possibility of rodents entering and leaving, catching diseases from other countries, committing all kinds of crimes. Avoiding compliance with sanitary, phytosanitary and environmental requirements of free trade zones.

Tax cuts may not be as good as agreed, or there may be tariffs or positive taxes on imports from foreign countries. They do not allow warehousing of goods, equipment or others under any circumstances. This can be a big disadvantage because capacity is insufficient or poorly protected, because there is no real innovation in the process or there are delays during the delay. In domestic or international business, not as expected due to lack of production support services or neglect of operational advantages.

The Western Business Park is a way for countries to attract foreign investment to their borders. In this way they get a certain form of investment on the international financial maps, which is more visible and attracts money from investors and workers from other countries in the world.

To be in the western business park, the new legal entity must be incorporated with a registered office in the country and legal representation of a trustee or branch of a foreign company allowed by the Commercial Law.

Commercial Free Trade Zone: A warehouse where goods are offered for sale, use or consumption.

In the western business park: The goal is to create industries that process raw materials that will be exported to the rest of the world.

The central customs administration will carry out the import or export of goods from free trade zones, as well as the import of goods from ports or cargo, land through the institutions established in the western business park.

Bogotá Free Trade Zone


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