Communication and tips for successful processes

Lately we have seen that some companies are offering hardware products, spare parts for vehicles, appliances, cell phones and other items, in social networks and digital platforms through companies that have no business relationship with Zona Franca de Occidente. We alert the public opinion not to be fooled by these types of pages and [...]

What are they and what is the importance of Free Trade Zones 4.0 Colombia?

Free trade zones 4.0 in colombia

Free Trade Zones 4.0 represent a significant evolution in the traditional concept of Free Trade Zones, adopting the latest Industry 4.0 technologies and processes to boost efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in international trade. Free trade zones became a key driver for economic growth and investment attraction [...]

Lots for rent: a good option for your business expansion?

lots for rent zona franca occidente bogota

Instead of following traditional land or real estate acquisition models, companies are discovering the advantages of establishing themselves in free zones by leasing lots for companies that are expanding their businesses. Not only does this approach offer a number of practical benefits, but it also encourages flexibility, flexibility and [...]

Why are free trade zones important for environmental protection?

why free trade zones are important for the ecosystem

There are a variety of factors that will give you an answer to the question why free trade zones are important in the care of the environment. Starting with the fact that industrial, goods and services or commercial activities are carried out there; all of them have an impact on the environment or generate an environmental footprint.

Impact of free trade zone companies on the local economy

Companies in free trade zone

According to the article in La República, there are 7,500 free trade zones in the world, of which nearly 700 are located in Latin America. It was also learned that they produce 90 million direct jobs worldwide and account for 40% of world trade. It is necessary to continue working to set objectives of [...]

The role of free trade zones in the global supply chain

Supply chain

Colombia's free trade zones are going like a locomotive. They continue to gain followers and companies see them as a powerful tool to strengthen their businesses, take advantage of their different benefits and -even- the way to start exporting products and services with the figure of internationalization. Free trade zones play a leading role in the export chain, and [...]

What is a free trade zone in international trade: a great opportunity for entrepreneurs?

What is a free trade zone in international trade?

Zona Franca de Occidente shared a space with different experts on how to take advantage of internationalization, that is, to know the use and knowledge of what is free zone in international trade in the free zones of Colombia, the guests gave their positions and there were points in agreement on the opportunities that exist to achieve the process of internationalization, and [...]

Free Trade Zone Regulations: a path to growth and competitiveness

Free trade zone regulations in colombia

Free trade zones in Colombia are delimited geographical areas that have a special customs and tax regime; their main goal is to promote investment and the potential of the companies established there. They have specific regulations, which result in well-structured processes that allow companies to take advantage of the benefits of free trade zones.