Western Free Zone Users: ZF Image talks about its experience during this pandemic.

Western Free Zone Users: ZF Image talks about its experience during this pandemic.

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By: Freddy Páez - General Manager Immagen ZF S.A.S
Zona Franca de occidente users

We are a construction company focused on metal structures, heavy, for industrial buildings, warehouses, metal bridges and in general everything that is metalworking for industry and construction.

  1. What is the biggest advantage and differential of operating in the Western Free Trade Zone? The main benefits are: The income differential and the non-payment of customs duties for our raw materials.
  2. How has your business evolved in response to the economic situation?We have seen our sales decrease due to the pandemic. However, last month there was a small revival in the market.
  3. What would you highlight from the support provided by Zona Franca de Occidente? I would highlight Zona Franca's support in promoting our reactivation.zona franca
  4. From your company, how many people do you impact daily on a social, environmental and economic level in the region and in Colombia?Our company generates 100 direct jobs, made up of inhabitants of Sabana de Occidente, and approximately 150 indirect jobs.
  5. How do you think your business will help Colombia's economic recovery?

Thanks to our economic activity, we promote the development of projects that will generate direct and indirect jobs in their execution.

Freddy Páez - General Manager Inmagen ZF S.A.S /

Our user IMMAGEN ZF tells us about his experience during this pandemic.

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