Zona Franca de Occidente, an engine of Economic Reactivation and constant change.
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Zona Franca de Occidente, an engine of Economic Reactivation and constant change.

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By: Rosa María Gamarra / General Manager Zona Franca de Occidente

Zona Franca de Occidente closed the first semester of 2021 following the personalised sales strategy, with the delivery of +8.500m2 to two new Entrepreneurs who qualified. In addition to this, 2 users carried out the expansion of their operation generating the growth of +4.500m2, promoting the growth of direct and indirect jobs.

Likewise, as User Operator we thought about the comfort of our new Entrepreneurs e investorsby updating our websitefree trade zone providing better tools, making known our benefits and all those added values that differentiate us from our main references.

We have a section dedicated to foreign investors, where they can see clearly and quickly the investment opportunities in Colombia and in Zona Franca de Occidente. We also have an updated real estate offer of lots and warehouses, so that our customers can take a virtual tour and learn more about us.

free trade zone

However, we also thought about the comfort of our customers when making visits, we promoted the general maintenance of our internal bus, handling all the protocols of Biosafety for visits to our warehouses and lots and make a special tour throughout our park.



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