13 Years Delivering Free Trade Zone Benefits in Colombia
Benefits of the free trade zone in Colombia

13 Years Delivering Free Trade Zone Benefits in Colombia

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It has been 13 years of operation in Zona Franca de Occidente, in which we have gained the necessary experience to provide investors and interested companies, excellent quality services such as user operator, advice on the development of the master plan, extensions of free zones, broker, custom construction of warehouses, among others. Our desire is that more companies and investors can benefit from the advantages of investing in our free zone; that is why today we will talk about the benefits of the free zone in Colombia and our star services, which are backed by 13 years of experience and a total delivery in each of our projects. Join us!

User Operator, Our New Service

Colombia Free Trade Zone

We are a permanent multi-company free trade zone (FTZ) located in Mosquera, Cundinamarca that works daily to offer each of our clients an integral portfolio of services, with which their companies can grow and receive all the benefits of being installed in a free trade zone in Colombia.

It is for this reason and thanks to our extensive experience in the industry, that today we offer our user operator service to those free zones in the country that are in need of an experienced company to perform the tasks of this type of user.

Following the Colombian regulations, which in Decree 278 of 2021 establishes that:

"Among the objectives of the National Government's free zones policy is to strengthen Productive Development, Human Resource Management, Foreign Trade Logistics, Investment Facilitation and the promotion of investment in science, technology and innovation, as well as the articulation of free zones with the National Competitiveness and Innovation System established by Article 172 of Law 1955 of 2019 and Decree 1651 of 2019."

And according to decree 2147 of 2016, which states that:

"Free zones must offer users adequate conditions that allow them to compete efficiently, through a regulation that consults international normative trends."

In Zona Franca de Occidente (ZFO) we offer our customers the following activities within the service of user operator to comply faithfully with the free trade law in Colombia:

  • Control of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Random physical inspections of the goods
  • Approval of entries and exits of cargo vehicles
  • Control in the compliance of the regulations by the companies installed in the ZFO so that they can access without interruptions to the benefits of being installed in the free trade zone.

With this service, we will be able to effectively operate, develop and promote other permanent multi-company free trade zones that are located within the Colombian territory; likewise, we have sufficient faculties to operate special permanent zones, understood as those that are a single company that becomes a FTZ.

We advise your Master Development Plan

Free trade zone and its benefits

Taking into account the necessary requirements for the declaration of the existence of free zones in the country, set forth in Decree 383 of 2007; in reference to the master development plan, it is evident that:

This... "It shall contemplate the investments to be made and the adequate infrastructure for the location of the personnel of the National Tax and Customs Directorate in the Free Trade Zone".

In order to comply with these regulations and provide a high quality service, ZFO offers investors and companies wishing to develop new free territories, a complete consultancy in everything related to:

  • Economic pre-feasibility studies
  • Financial pre-feasibility studies
  • Legal pre-feasibility studies
  • Filing of the application with the Ministry of Foreign Trade
  • Follow-up on the status of the free trade zone declaration

And other necessary procedures so that investors or companies of a specific sector can become free zones and acquire all the tax benefits to which they can access by locating in these delimited territories of the country.

Free Trade Zones Extension

Responding to our mission to offer our clients all the necessary services to install their companies and investments in free trade zones, we provide other FTZs with all the support and advice for the preparation and processing of extension requests.

As a result, other geographic areas of this type will have the possibility of accessing the benefit of extending their period of operation in order to continue contributing to the country's economic growth.

We are the Ideal Broker for the Growth of other Free Trade Zones

The benefits of the free trade zone

Another of our specialized services and with which we work as a team with other free trade zones to enhance the growth not only of these special territories, but of the Colombian economy, is the commercialization of other FTZs. This means that from ZFO we become the bridge between customers and other free trade zones in the country so that through us they can get more qualified customers and thus increase their productivity and profitability.

It is thanks to these 13 years of experience in the market that today we can offer these services with excellent quality and results. We are committed to the economic strengthening of the country, the generation of employment, foreign investment and other collective benefits provided by the free trade zone.

We are ZFO and we will give your investment the best destination and your company the best place to settle. Our services are oriented to the benefit of all, so if you are looking for a free zone to start in this profitable industry, we are sure that from ZFO you will find the best place for your investment. Zona Franca de OccidenteContact us! And let's start a new history.


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