How many Free Trade Zones are there in Colombia?
How many free trade zones are there in Colombia

How many Free Trade Zones are there in Colombia?

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Free Zones In Colombia have contributed greatly to the generation of employment and foreign investment, in our country there are +122, being the country with the largest number in South America. It is a reality that many people and businessmen do not know what Free Trade Zones are, so today we tell you what Free Trade Zones are and how they are distributed in our country.

Colombia over the years has recognized the great importance of free zones for the economic growth of the country, so it has not been limited at the time of establishing a large number of these areas in the national territory. Now, we will show you below how many and which are the free trade zones that currently exist in Colombia:

How many free zones are there in Colombia according to each department?

Our country has +122 of the 660 free trade zones in Latin America, which are distributed in Colombia as follows:

  • Antioquia: 3 permanent and 7 special permanents
  • Atlantic: 3 permanent and 6 special permanent
  • Bolívar: 5 permanent and 12 special permanent
  • Boyacá: 1 permanent free zone
  • Cauca: 2 permanent and 3 special permanent
  • Cesar: 1 special permanent free zone
  • Córdoba: 3 special permanents
  • Cundinamarca: 8 permanent and 14 special permanent
  • Coffee-growing region: 2 permanent and 3 special permanent
  • La Guajira: 2 free trade zones
  • Huila: 1 permanent free zone
  • Magdalena: 3 permanent and 3 special permanent
  • Goal: 2 special permanents
  • Nariño: 2 special permanent
  • Norte de Santander: 1 permanent and 2 special permanents
  • Santander: 1 permanent and 5 special permanent
  • Tolima: 1 special permanent free zone
  • Valle del Cauca: 5 permanent and 7 special permanent

Types of Free Zones In Colombia

At present there are three main categories of free trade zones, these are:

The Permanent or Multi-company Free Trade Zone

This refers to a delimited area located within Colombia that has different tax and customs benefits. Within this zone, different types of commercial and industrial companies are installed; when they reside there, they enjoy a special foreign trade treatment, according to each case. Our Western Free Trade Zone corresponds to this category, counting today with +60 installed companies from different sectors.

The Special Permanent Free Trade Zone

In the case of the special permanent free zone, this is defined as the delimited area in Colombia in which a single industrial company is installed. This company becomes, as in the previous case, a special beneficiary of different customs, tax and foreign trade advantages.

The Transitory Free Trade Zone

It is a delimited area in Colombia that is used for particular national and international events considered relevant for the country's economy or foreign trade. Among the events that can take place there, it is important to highlight: congresses, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, among others. However, these are events that take place at a specific time and are not sustained over time.

Among the activities that can be carried out in the three categories of Free Trade Zones in Colombia, we highlight manufacturing of different sectors, storage, transformation and logistics services.

Finally, we can confirm that the free trade zones installed in the Colombian territory are a tool of vital importance to facilitate the transport of goods of all kinds to various local and foreign markets, reducing the tax burden for companies located in these areas and promoting foreign trade in Colombia, providing opportunities for economic growth that significantly benefits not only entrepreneurs, but the Colombian workforce. Know now Zona Franca de Occidente!


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