Our Entrepreneurs

We work with companies from different sectors that support our experience and quality of customer service.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

GRUPO DIDACTA: Marketing and distribution of products for research, quality control analysis, as well as the equipment and assembly of laboratories with all their components.

H&C LOGISTICS SERVICES: Integral services of storage, distribution, inventory control of products supervised and regulated by INVIMA, in the human health, animal, hygiene and beauty sectors.

TANGERINE: Manufacturer and distributor of medical and dental equipment.

GOLDEN COMPANY AGENCY SAS: Manufacture of medical and dental instruments, devices and materials.

BBRAUN SURGICAL SAS: Wide portfolio of health care solutions. It belongs to the business group: B. BRAUN.

HOLANDINA PHARMACEUTICAL: Offers biosafety solutions for the health sector in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, public and private entities. Logistics services and assembly services.

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Food Sector

CENTAK ANDINA: container sealing solutions, using the recently developed: Induction Liners, mainly aimed at applications in plastic and glass containers. It belongs to the Natick-Centak group of companies.

DIGIOCA: Food trading company. It belongs to the business group: GIORO / Distribuidora Giordano C.A. Maquila services.

ZONA FRANCA PIR / RAMO: Food company, specialised in bakery products.

RIVER MEALS ZF SAS: Dedicated to the production and commercialisation of CHEESES with a high NUTRITIONAL level.

AGF LOGISTICA DE OCCIDENTE S.A.S: Transport of wine and beverages.


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Plastics Sector

NOVALENE: Creation, production and marketing of flexible films and thermoformed packaging for industry. It belongs to the business group: PLASTILENE S.A.

LHAURA VET: Equipment for the care, injection, vaccination and identification of animals, among others.

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Logísticos & 4.0


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