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With more than 13 years of experience highlighting our excellent service as free trade zone user operator, we can be User Operator of your project in any part of the country.

We currently have +64

Companies from different sectors

+14 Years in operation

As User Operator of Zona Franca de Occidente in Mosquera.

In 2021 we will be the only Free Trade Zone in Colombia awarded

Best Free Trade Zone in the Americas for SMEs by FDI Intelligence (Financial Times)

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for the development of environmentally sustainable programs

The main function of the Free Trade Zone User Operator is to train its users and to supervise, control and authorize the entry and exit operations of goods under customs control, always ensuring compliance with the law.


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Free Trade Zone User Operator

More competitive rates

More competitive rates

Adjusted to the needs of each project and to encourage new business and empower our clients' customers.

Customized design of the customs operation

Customized design of the customs operation

We are interested in knowing your operational and administrative processes so that they can be reliable, timely and secure.

INTERCOMEX inventory system

INTERCOMEX inventory system

With more than 10 years of experience in the Free Trade Regime, constantly updated, dynamic, easy to apply, with easy access from any computer or Tablet, with the possibility of integrating with operating systems, Intercomex is a friendly system for Free Trade Zones to control the entry and exit of goods and thus ensure excellent logistics within the same.

Excellent relationship with governmental entities

Excellent relationship with governmental entities

Opening doors for consultations, execution of special operations, scheduling of required visits and recognition of our operation as one of the most reliable nationwide among the #ZonasFrancasEnColombia.

Free training + webinars

Free training + webinars

We offer free trainings given by Saberex's Partner, who has +20 years of experience in Foreign Trade, Tax and Customs Consulting.


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ZFO Free Trade Zone Operator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Free Trade Zone User Operator

The Operating User (OU) is the legal entity authorized to manage, administer, supervise, promote and develop one or more Free Trade Zones, as well as to license its users.
To ensure proper waste management and avoid affecting or harming the population, manufacturing and processing industries often require locations away from urban sprawl.

Industrial lots are a valuable resource for companies and investors. Their characteristics allow them to be used in different types of activities. However, they are divided according to their use:

Transformation: Designed for industries dedicated to the conversion of raw materials and requiring medium voltage power. 

No Transformer: Designed for industries requiring low voltage power, such as assembly plants, warehouses, offices, etc. 

Logistics: Designed for industries involved in the storage, distribution and transportation of goods.

Investments in an industrial lot are attractive when a company's needs are related to warehousing, production, manufacturing or distribution activities. The industrial lot is a necessary requirement for any entrepreneur, director or manager who wants to increase business efficiency or expand to a distribution center and for this there are some features that are important for the growth of your company. 

SizeThe site should be large enough to accommodate machinery and equipment, or sufficient storage space.

Adaptability: Batches should be designed to adapt to all business needs, whether in logistics, production or trade.

FunctionalityFunctionality depends on the needs of the business, but many require services appropriate to the sector, such as low and medium voltage, potable water and Internet.

Industrial warehouses are a central part of the logistics of many companies around the world. It is a physical place to keep a company's products or goods in good condition en route and is different from a mini-warehouse or self storage warehouse because of the large amount of goods it handles.


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The operating user is the legal entity authorized to manage, administer, supervise, promote and develop one or more Free Trade Zones, as well as to qualify the users that are installed in them.

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