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ZFO has a strategic geographical location, +16 hectares available for new projects. We are experts in sales, leasing and construction of warehouses tailored to the client's needs, in addition to the benefits of the free trade regime.

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  • Competitive air freight to the United States vs. countries such as Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.
  • Leader in air cargo movement in the region.
    3rd most qualified workforce in Latin America.
  • Operation 7×24

Sectors: Our experience

We have experience in +6 sectors

  • FOOD
  • INDUSTRY 4.0

We are an industrial park with a GREEN SEAL

  • We are the only Free Trade Zone in Cundinamarca that is part of UNIDO's Eco-Industrial Parks programme.
  • We have a RAINWATER REHUMPTION SYSTEM with a capacity of 25.000 M3 for the use of companies FREE OF CHARGE.
  • We are a Free Trade Zone for recycling and the circular economy


  • We are located 45 minutes away from El Dorado International Airport, the 1st airport in cargo movement in Latin America.
  • We are located on the Troncal de Occidente Avenue, a modern dual carriageway that connects our Free Trade Zone with the main cities, ports of the country and El Dorado Airport.
  • We have an exclusive entrance road to our park.
  • In 2024 the Regiotram electric train will start operations along the front of our Free Trade Zone, reducing travel time for people.
  • We have two shopping centres only 12 minutes away (Mosquera) and 10 minutes away (Madrid).

Tax benefits

  • Single income tax rate
  • ICA (Industry and Commerce Tax) exemption for 8-10 years.
  • Goods entering from other countries do not pay taxes (VAT and Duties).
  • Purchases from suppliers in Colombia without payment of taxes (VAT)
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Purchases between Free Trade Zones WITHOUT taxes
  • 16 hectares available and developed for the construction of your project without payment of taxes. (Link to the real estate offer)


  • Security: Savings in hiring security personnel, CCTV monitoring 24/7/365, +40 IP cameras, double perimeter enclosure, 7×24 armed surveillance.
  • LED lighting throughout the park 
  • Roads between 10 & 17 m wide for heavy traffic 
  • Exclusive yard space for cargo entry of 8.500 M2
  • Hydraulic and sanitary networks  

Logistical benefits:

  • Unlimited time tax-free storage
  • Option to nationalise subheading + favourable
  • International logistics distribution
  • Exports via airport do not require customs approval

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Savings In The Income Tax Income Tax