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Mosquera, October 05, 2022. From Zona Franca de Occidente we are very
concerned about the modifications that the tax reform project intends to impose
to the free zone regime, because the proposal only puts at risk the attraction of capital,
investment and economic development in almost 60% of the national territory.
Currently, free zones represent an investment of 45 trillion pesos and more than
147 thousand jobs for the country, in addition to having 90% of MiPymes, which is the
percentage of these companies in the regime, which would be affected with this
We are surprised that the National Government insists on imposing a subsidy to
exports, contrary to the commitments of the country with the World Trade Organization
, since in order to maintain the differential rate in the income tax, the users
must export 80% of their total sales.
Furthermore, if it is already a strong measure to force the free zones to pay a general rate of
income tax, if they do not comply with the level of exports, to propose that they lose
the quality of users, is a blow that will lead to the crisis of the regime.
We know that, although a change was made in the wording of the paper presented on October 5,
, it is clear that it is the exports that grant the benefit on income and
even on its existence. In a country where the level of exports is so low, it is
very difficult for free zone users to quickly export 80% of their
For this reason, we respectfully ask the government not to close the discussion on this
article and to listen to the position of the free zone businessmen and guilds such as
the ANDI, the FITAC and to accompany the businessmen through MinCIT,
PROCOLOMBIA and even inviting the academy, to create a solid export plan
as the government wants.
We firmly believe that together we can reach a consensus on what is best for the Colombian economy
, which is one of the reasons for our presence and consolidation.


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