Know the four advantages you can get when buying a plot of land
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Know the four advantages you can get when buying a plot of land

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Land for sale

The land for sale in Colombia are limited, since the amount of these spaces available for sale is finite, but the truth is that the demand for it is growing every day. Do you know why? These plots of land are a great business opportunity that you can have as an investor, since it is a different way to invest your income to produce profits in a period of time in the medium and long term.

This idea can be very appealing to your interest, imagine being able to acquire land for sale that have all the characteristics of use that you want for its future projection, and that this through time is valued, does not generate expenses and therefore allows you the freedom to decide if you want to rent, sell or build a house that has the materials and amenities that you need so much.

For this reason we invite you to know the 4 most frequent advantages that you could have by the mere fact of acquiring a lot:

Secure equity asset:

When you buy a piece of land known as real estate, it will become a tangible asset of your estate, which will appreciate in value and generate income in the future. It is worth noting that this asset does not depreciate in value like vehicles or other assets do. So what's wrong with an asset that does not generate high costs or risks, this is a possibility that can help you improve your status as an investor.

Profitability without so much effort:

Acquiring land for sale is a great alternative, but how is this possible, to understand it in a clearer way, real estate such as land lots, do NOT have so many implications in the sense of investment, because for their maintenance you do not necessarily have to invest more money, unless a personal interest forces you to invest more, or that within your plans is to build a house or some other project.
The important thing to highlight here is that you can have profitability with the simple fact of buying a land for sale. You will stop worrying about the need to maintain a property, house or flat.

Promotes low risk and high returns and investment:

As mentioned above, to buy land for sale, it is not necessary to have large amounts of capital, clearly it is enough with a very low investment, to buy without running economic risks that affect your pocket.
The high return on investment will be reflected over the years as this alternative produces income in medium and long term periods.


Valuation is one of the most striking advantages when investing in plots of land, and how could it not be, if from the first year as owner of a property, its initial value will increase and will continue to increase over time. It should be noted that:

  • After 5 years the land will generate a higher return on investment.
  • The increase in value will depend on the location, infrastructure and intended use of the land.
  • The types of land are: urban land, rural land or urban expansion land, established in the Land Use Plan (POT).
  • The availability of services, accessibility and risk-free conditions must also be taken into account.

Therefore, the best option you can have as an investor is to buy land and sell it with the help of real estate agencies that offer mediation services, management, advice and finally verify the relevant technical conditions so that you can achieve the goal of acquiring the property you long for or sell your land at the best price. In addition, they offer the best prices on the real estate market that can be adapted to your needs.

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