Western Free Trade Zone saw 4% growth in customs operations in 2020

Western Free Trade Zone saw 4% growth in customs operations in 2020

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By: Daniela Morales Soler - dmorales@larepublica.com.co

It announced that it will continue to adapt its operation to attract technology customers and expand its virtual warehouse model.

The free trade zone located in Mosquera reported 3,437 more customs and foreign trade operations in 2020 than in 2019, accounting for a total of 72,926 operations in the year.

Also, at the end of last year, they managed to maintain all qualified and active users in their opefree trade zonerations3 new companies and 4 users qualified expanded their operation generating more than 260 new jobs. and more than $1.2 billion investment.

"In 2020, the pandemic changed the way we ran operations, the first thing we did was to invite our clients' customers to meetings to evaluate how we could help them not to stop, we promoted e-commerce, and we broke the stereotypes of the free trade regime by operating in quarantine and occupying +8,000 m2 to execute new projects and respond to the expansion of operations," said Rosa Maria Gamarra, general manager of Zona Franca de Occidente.

The Free Trade Zone expects to close the first half of the year with the delivery of at least 30,000 m2 for the development of new projects following its strategy of personalised sales and transparency.

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